Merry Christmas to All

Santa  Santa 2  Santa 3  Santa 4     Santa 5

Santa 6

Eagle-eyed Sentinel

He spotted me first and and called my attention. I was still at a considerable distance from where he was standing, but luckily I was using a telephoto lens at the time.

A Warm Fire, A Mother’s Love, and Contemplation

I don’t like noisy pictures, that is too many things going on in the frame. I subscribe to the “less is more” practice in picture taking, but it is not holy writ. I like this picture better than if I had framed each party individually. So there you are, my first photography tip: Sometimes more is more.

Country Road

Not all roads lead to Rome. This one takes me home.

It was a miracle I was able to focus on this. The sun has just set, hence the dark background and the flash lit foreground.

The Ref

Look Back and Take Stock

Blogger’s Block

It’s happened. It was inevitable. I’ve become lazy and ignored my little corner of cyberspace. I’ll blame it on my muse and pray this does not become a habit.

So back to work.

A Time To Sow

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