Children of the Rain

It was raining and my plan to go out shooting in the farmers’ fields just went out the window. I’ve always loved the rain, so the camera didn’t go back in the bag. Instead I’ve decided to stand under roof eaves and see what the rain will bring. There was no need to chase pictures that day, they came to me.

Are You OK?


22 thoughts on “Children of the Rain

  1. I love the shot with the caption “are you ok?”- kids with the passion to literally soak in nature as well as the compassion to care for one another.

    • It’s my top pick for this series too. I think even without the caption and the preceding picture we can all recognize such a gentle gesture of concern, but it is especially heartwarming seeing such empathy in children.

  2. The “are you okay?” photo is very touching. This photo set reminds me of when I was a child. Children never afraid of raining, it’s the parents that’s overworried hehe :d I am glad to see that these kids have fun under the rain, something that I actually have never really seen again these days. Great shot 🙂

  3. You take really good pictures! 🙂

    I remember the days, when I was still very young, I’d go play under the rain with my neighborhood friends. The harder the pour, the better. Nowadays, when it rains, I’d just think, “Please stop, I don’t want to go to class soaked in the rain.” Which is very sad when I used to love it so much. It’s nice seeing these photos, it makes you remember that part of yourself you thought was no longer there. Maybe one of these days, when it rains and I have not much to do, I’d just go and play under the rain (I have to ask my housemates to join me, so it’d be fun. Just like the old days. 😀 )

  4. I wonder why as adults we don’t want to get wet by the rain.. As you pull out umbrellas at the first sign of drops, but as children we enjoyed it only to be called in by an adult saying you will catch your death of cold out there. Let me get you some soup…
    Love the shots….

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