A Room With A View

I was out out for a walk and decided to drop by on relatives when I came upon their house. The front door was wide open and I peeked inside and saw ,seated in the room, another visitor. She sat there so content and looked so free of any burden.I quickly raised and pointed the camera and managed to take one frame before she noticed me. As I was editing this all I could think of was “Whistler’s Mother”, only the woman in that painting looks none too pleased having to pose for that session.



8 thoughts on “A Room With A View

    • Thanks Santi. I wish it could have been a cleaner shot. There was no time to fiddle with the camera; it exposed for the window so she was mostly in the shadows, hence the noise. Still I managed to brighten those shadows up a bit and get a usable image. All was not lost.

    • I’d like to think they see only best that have come to past, maybe even what is yet to be for those they will inevitably leave behind.

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