Eyes In Shadows


8 thoughts on “Eyes In Shadows

  1. Beautiful photo ^^ Love the patterns of the t-shirts, the bricks, and the lighting it’s great, dividing into shadow and brightness. Awesome

    • It is unfortunate that this is how the bottom billion live. I suppose one can be thankful that he at least has a roof over his head and not wandering the streets.

  2. This is actually quite a poetic shot- the child is glaring, I can almost feel his anger at this intrusion. His eyes are so fierce that you completely forget that there are 2 other children there, lost in the laundry, completely unaware of the strangers approaching them.

    • Those eyes do have the power to draw you in. I hope he was just curious and not felt intruded upon. I have no definite answers regarding the ethics of street photography, but I try to be as approachable as possible and not make anyone feel ill at ease. In this instance the moment just presented itself and I just had to press the shutter. He’s actually a member of a small village I plan to do an essay on.

      • I think it would have been impossible to get the honesty this shot evokes if you had spoken to him, gestured, etc. It would have produced a totally different shot, usually one of a perplexed look, shy smile or nervous laughter when it comes to children. If there was any intrusion and animosity (his eyes could just look like that because of the glare of the sun bothering him), it would have only been for a moment. I’m sure no damage has been done here but am appreciative of your ethical awareness given your skills as a photojournalist.

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