Company Picnic

When a farmer hires some of his neighbors for a day’s worth of work, he provides breakfast. The hired hands start work at sunup and breakfast is delivered  to them an hour or two later. Unless they are transplanting rice, they are usually done before lunch. If it takes a full day, the workers go home for lunch but after lunch refreshments and snacks are provided for. I can only assume that those who work in remote areas such as sugarcane plantations are provided with two meals and refreshments. Let me know how things are done in your barrios, I would love to know.


12 thoughts on “Company Picnic

  1. love your pictures. your blog is always a joy to view. you have a talent when it comes to capturing your world around you and i often leave your blog feeling as if ive visited your home and met your friends and family.

    • Thank you very much Greg. I am always happy to share others’ stories through my pictures. I am away from home such long periods of time that, when it is time to visit, I look at everything with renewed perspective and greater appreciation. I guess you can say my pictures are a product of my homesickness.Thanks again. Regards.

    • Thanks for visiting Agung. My childhood home is in Tarlac, next to Pampanga. The pictures of the sugarcane harvester were taken in Pampanga, the rest in Tarlac. Manila has her charms, but I prefer the fresh air of the provinces.

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