One Horse Power

They’re slow, quiet, Eco-friendly, and so much fun.


11 thoughts on “One Horse Power

    • Angeles City, Pampanga. There are still a few of them in the city. They wait for their fares on the outskirts of the city and travel to the suburbs. I don’t think they are allowed on the inner city roads. They certainly are much more pleasurable to ride in than a jeepney or a tricycle.

      • I hope they get more of the electrical tricycles out into the provinces because while I love getting around in them, they are soooo loud and pollute the air to no end. Too bad they don’t use kalesas anymore in the small towns. I agree, it would be so much more pleasant!

    • Thank you Annie. Please come again, and I look forward to seeing more pictures from your part of the world or wherever your feet take you.

    • True here as well, but there are still a few towns and small cities in the Philippines where they are used as everyday public transportation.

    • Very nostalgic. I still remember having the time of my life as a kid when we visited this particular city and had the opportunity to ride the kalesas. I’m glad they are still around.

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